Discover Sligo's Rich Archaeology

Unearth Ireland's Ancient Heritage at These 5 Remarkable Sites

Sligo, Ireland, presents an archaeological wonderland, offering a glimpse into the deep history and captivating heritage of this unique region. Delve into the enigmatic past of Sligo as we guide you through its most prominent archaeological treasures:
Carrowmore, sprawling over 0.5 km2 at the foot of Knocknarea, houses Ireland's largest megalithic cemetery. Notable within is the Listoghil tomb, aligned with Samhain (October 31st), holding pivotal historical importance. 
To the west of Knocknarea, Culleenamore Middens showcases well-preserved remnants of prehistoric shell deposits, often referred to as kitchen middens.
Knocklane Promontory Fort, situated northwest of the Yellow Strand, stands as an impressive coastal fortification.
Cashel Bir, positioned on a hillock, is surrounded by other archaeological treasures, including Kilerry Churchyard, Creevelea Abbey, and Parkes Castle.
Four miles off Sligo's coast lies Inishmurray, an early Irish monastic settlement boasting three churches, beehive cells, and stone altars.
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