Dolores Keane Comeback Tour

 dolores high rez image

 Sligo Southern Hotel 30th of June 2019

Mainly considered Celtic, Irish folk and Irish country. Irish born, Dolores Keane preforming in  Sligo as part of her 2019 tour.

“I’m back singing better than ever before and really looking forward to travelling the long and winding roads wherever they lead me”.

Under the new management of MC Promotions, Dolores delivers a unique and soulful distinct voice that captures every audience that has the luck to be in her presence. There aren’t many Irish artists that can catch their listeners hearts and explore the history of our beautiful little island through song as Dolores does. Having played all over the world, appearing in Carnegie Hall, New York something not many performers can make claim to, Dolores is a real Irish treasure.

The night begins at 7 pm with local and award-winning musicians entertaining you on arrival before the show starts at 8 pm. The bar will be open from 7 pm until the show starts and will reopen again at the midway interval for a top up. After the show, Dolores will be doing a meet and greet and is looking forward to seeing all her old friends.

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